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Coca-Cola Interviews Burton Morris About His Reinterpretation of the Classic Coke Bottle

Inspired Objects: Artist Burton Morris Reinterprets Pop Culture Icons

By: Jay Moye and Hannah Nemer | Jan 6, 2017

The walls of Burton Morris’ home pop with his colorfully painted canvases: a graphic butterfly, an olive-brimming martini, an oversized bag of popcorn, and rows of red Coca-Cola bottles.

A self-declared post-pop artist, Morris playfully reinterprets and paints objects embedded in popular culture with a distinct look and universal message of positivity. “My first creations were symbols,” he recalled during an interview in his family’s home just outside Los Angeles. “And the symbols were iconic images: a graphic image of a coffee cup, a popcorn box, a taxicab. But each symbol represents something going on in today’s culture.”

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