Burton Presents Stan Lee with his Nightstand Portrait

Artist Burton Morris recently presented comic book legend Stan Lee an original Nightstand portrait painting at his Beverly Hills office.

The painting defines who Stan Lee is through various ideas and objects based on his life experiences and interests. Each object is carefully chosen to portray the individuals life story.


The painting process was started several years ago when Burton interviewed Stan and began researching ideas that best define who Stan Lee is. The painting includes an image of the original typewriter used to write the origin of Spiderman, along with the original Amazing Fantasy issue in which Spiderman first appeared. Stan’s trademark sunglasses and sharpie pen are on view, along with Captain America’s Shield, Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s mask, and several picture frames with Stans family and cameo with Spiderman.  Having to choose among which of Stan’s thousands of superheroes he has created over the years to be portrayed was a major consideration. Stan chose several of his favorite characters who he personally identifies with.

An array of marvel comic book superheroes that Stan created are also portrayed outside the window, along with the Silver Surfer’s cosmic board he flies on, pictured leaning against the wall. A flowing red cape hanging with Stan Lees’ POW entertainment logo is featured as well.

Stan was thrilled with the final painting that was presented to him, and plans to hang the painting in his home to enjoy.

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