Morris Creates Paintings for Kanye West’s LA Pad

Here’s what we all know about Kanye West: He’s a six-time Grammy Award winner, a rapper and producer par excellence, and a rockin’ cinematographer. He survived a near-death accident five years ago and, in thanks, gave the world “Through the Wire.” He’s married to Kim Kardashian, whose dress collection Ghita will appear at New York’s upcoming fashion week.

Here’s news to us: West studied fine art at the American Academy of Art in Chicago on scholarship. He collects pop art. And he absolutely adores design. “It’s been my dream to be in Interior Design.” With that unsolicited introduction, he steps into his Los Angeles house for a portrait session, fresh off a transatlantic flight from the Concert for Diana. Without missing a beat, he’s ready to pull out his laptop to preview a music video in the works with Takashi Murakami, then talk renovation with Desiderata Design principal Don Stewart.

And he’s a fan of pop art and Burton Morris…